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Don't get stuck in jail for a misdemeanor or felony

From criminal mischief to petty theft, sometimes the disruption an arrest can cause to your

regular life can be worse than even a final conviction. If you or a loved one has been arrested for

a misdemeanor, call us immediately for bail and get back to normal life.


We are your fast, affordable solution for posting bail.

Bail posted for misdemeanors of all types:

- Assault

- Criminal mischief

- Disorderly conduct

- Disorderly intoxication

Post bail for misdemeanor charges such as:

- Obstructing justice

- Petty theft

- Resisting without violence


Post bail for yourself quickly and affordably or a loved one after a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Call now to post

bail after a misdemeanor or felony arrest.


Don't spend one more moment in jail

We can assist you in posting bail for a variety of misdemeanors; including assault, criminal mischief, domestic violence, trespassing, shoplifting and more.

- Domestic violence

- False criminal report

- Indecent exposure

- Loitering and prowling

- Shoplifting

- Soliciting

- Trespassing

handcuff Man in prison Assault and battery Trespassing Court hearing

Have you or a loved one been charged with a felony?

Your scheduled court date may be a long way off, and there's no reason you shoud have to

to spend the time between now and then behind bars. Call us now for our fast, affordable bail posting services for felony charges.


We are available 24 hours a day, so we are always available to help.

Bail posting services for all felonies:

- Arson

- Breaking and entering


- Drug charges

Call now for a fast, affordable bail bonds

- Home invasion

- Kidnapping

- Larceny

Get treated with respect and dignity for charges like:

Facing a felony charge is a difficult time, and an experience that many people cannot comprehend. Our compassionate, straightforward approach focuses on doing the right thing for you – posting bail so that you may return to your family and loved ones while you await trial.

- Embezzlement

- Forgery

- Fraud

- Murder / manslaughter

- Robbery

- Unlawful use of a vehicle

DUI Two hands Home invasion